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2 Two 120-megawatt gas-fired combustion turbines are added at the McIntosh plant site. Construction begins on the Vann Plant, a 595-megawatt combined cycle plant adjacent to the McWilliams Power Plant in Gantt. The plant is declared commercial in 2002. AEC initiates Green Power Choice, a retail green power program. AEC also begins construction of a $300 million Air Quality Control project at Plant Lowman to bring the plant into compliance with new EPA standards. AEC's Board of Trustees votes to change the name of the corporation to PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, effective Jan. 1, 2008. The Energy Efficiency Loan Program begins to provide low-interest loans for residential efficiency improvements. PowerSouth employees are experts in the electric utility industry because they play key roles every day. Though their perspectives on the future are unique, their predictions revealed some recurring themes. Fuel mix PowerSouth's future fuel mix was probably the most prominent topic among employees who submitted predictions. Some foresee renewables taking on a larger role in electricity generation in the next 25 years due to improved energy storage methods, while other employees see fossil fuels remaining viable due to new age technology that will improve efficiency and decrease emissions. Still others think nuclear will become the most prominent generation source. Regulations "Regulatory reform will be the driving force in the electric industry, not innovation," said Economic Development Funding Representative Mickey Simmons. Other employees said PowerSouth's dealings with the EPA would shape daily operations in the future, in the form of larger environmental departments and increased costs. Progress In contrast, other employees say the cost of service will decrease before PowerSouth celebrates its 100th anniversary. Analytical Studies Supervisor Jill Jones believes PowerSouth will have the same member systems in 2041, but that they will undergo growth in both member accounts and energy sales. She also predicts that in 25 years, PowerSouth will still be winter-peaking. Other employees predict growth as the use of electric vehicles and remotely controlled appliances increases. "Cooperatives will still be serving their members using different means, modes and methods, but the commitment will be the same," said Director of Engineering Brian Matheson. As part of PowerSouth's 75th anniversary celebration, employees submitted prediction cards to be placed in a time capsule, which will be opened on PowerSouth's 100th anniversary. g 1998 1999 TIMES OF CHANGE 2006 2007 2012 Looking ahead What will the future hold? Predictions for 2041

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