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PowerSouth's nearly 600 employees kept safety their top priority in 2016, working more than 1.2 million hours and driving more than 2.3 million miles without an injury that required them to miss a day of work. "Reaching these milestones shows employees' dedication to keeping safety in mind at all times," said Buddy Manring, PowerSouth Safety Manager. "It's not anything the safety department or management does — it's because employees are thinking more about safety when they're planning and doing their jobs." Many PowerSouth employees encounter extreme conditions daily, presenting some of the worst-case scenarios for a work environment. However, a culture of safety ensures that a hazardous job does not become a dangerous one. At monthly safety meetings and job briefings, employees discuss specific goals, the equipment used and possible hazards. "One component of job briefings is a discussion about complacency," said Manring. Fighting complacency is particularly important when it comes to an activity most people perform every day — driving. Drivers often face hazardous road conditions, yet PowerSouth's employees managed to cover more than 2 million miles without an injury in 2016. Safety is also a priority in the office. Inside employees attend an annual session where they learn how to respond to fires, outside threats, active shooters and medical emergencies. Maintaining a culture of safety also means PowerSouth must seek new ways to promote safe behavior, such as participating in the DuPont STOP program, which encourages employees to perform safety audits on the job. These programs provide an incentive to work safely and encourage employees to talk about best practices whether they are driving, handling hazardous chemicals or working at a desk. "We realize people don't come to work just to come to work. They come to work to make a living so they can do the things they enjoy with their families," said Manring. "Our employees are the ones who do the work, and it's up to them to work safely every day." g February 2017 | Volume 30 • Number 2 | www.powersouth.com/powerlines | info@powersouth.com PowerSouth employees complete calendar year with no lost-time injuries Ultimately, the most important thing any employee will do during a workday is return home as healthy as they were when they arrived at work. -- Gary Smith Powerlines

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